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We start these programs year round and provide each athlete with a training plan for each Program below. All athletes enrolled in a training program receive 10% off everything in the store during their enrollment. Want to train year-round? Click on Team (above) and join the Annual Training Team, which gives you all the benefits below for an entire year

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What is Get Fit? Get Fit programs provide athletes coming back from a break or just getting into endurance sports the opportunity to build a solid foundation of fitness for future training and racing. New programs start on the first of every month. We train 3 times a week in store, plus group rides every Saturday morning. ( See below for schedule)



Train for a Sprint Triathlon, either your first, trying to get back in the groove or you want to Podium! This program trains all three disciplines including Open Water Swim (OWS)



Want to take on a bigger challenge? Step up to the Olympic Distance race and the training program to get you there.

70.3 PROGRAM (16 WEEKS) START DATES* - Year Round


Your ready for the Half-Ironman distance, but not sure how to make the leap? Get the training program, technical tips and nutrition knowledge to add a huge accomplishment to your brag-sheet.


Want to go all in? Sign up for our Annual Training Team Membership, which includes everything you get with our regular group programs, as well as:

  • Access to Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman training schedules based on athlete goals

  • Playtri triathlon top OR bike jersey, Playtri tech shirt, Playtri transition bag

Registration is in-store, or you can fill out the Group Program Application below, and call Playtri Colleyville (817-251-0162) to complete payment.


6-7 PM: Monday - Strength training. All you need is your workout gear and water bottle…and a towel for the sweat!

6-7 PM Tuesday - The Brick. We will ride and run in this brick workout, so bike, trainer and running shoes needed for this high energy workout. We train the transition and condition your body for the switch from biking to running- the most challenging part of the race.

6-7 PM Wednesday - Indoor bike (outdoor in daylight conditions) Bring your bike and trainer, water bottle and towel. We will do drills and conditioning to strengthen legs and cardio-vascular conditioning.

7:30-8:30 PM Wednesday - Pool Swim. It’s time to swim. From the store we move over to Cross Timbers Jr High and the GCISD Pool for a 45 minute training session where we work on your form and put in the yardage you need to get you thru, what many people consider, the most mentally challenging part of the triathlon. Whether experienced or a novice, we can get you ready to feel confident in your abilities to finish. (an additional $2 required per swim to GCISD)

6AM Saturday - Group ride #1 starting from the store. We ride on the roads in the local area. Lights required for this ride. It’s a quick “Drop” ride (if you can’t keep up, they don’t wait) 25-28 miles.

7:30 AM Saturday - Group ride #2 starting from the store. We ride on the roads in the local area. This ride has a “No-Drop” component with a slower pace and we make sure you get back OK, no matter your speed. There are typically faster riders as well from the earlier ride if you want to stretch yourself and go for your personal best speed.

9:30 AM Saturday - Open Water Swim - We started this training March 30, so you are gonna need a triathlon wetsuit in the early part of the season . We rent or sell those along with a safety buoy which is required. We swim out of Meadowmere Park on Lake Grapevine (there is a $5 admission fee to the park or $35 annual pass…best value) We will set up a course off shore with floating buoys to practice sighting. We keep the swim course close to shore and only 3 strokes from shallow water where you can stand, in case of nervousness. You will receive training on open water swimming, as well as drills to make you comfortable in this unique environment.