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*FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $49.99 - Huge Bike Savings Now!

Jim Rowe — Level 2 Playtri Coach


An active lifestyle has always been an important aspect of Coach Jim’s life. Jim grew up as a four-sport athlete (soccer, basketball, track & field, and swimming) and went on to play soccer at the collegiate level. After completing his collegiate soccer career in 2003, he got into triathlon as a way to keep active. Although Jim made some horrendous mistakes during his first year racing triathlon (he wasn’t working with a coach), he had been bitten by the triathlon bug and has been racing ever since.

Prior to becoming a triathlon coach in 2018, Coach Jim’s time as a triathlete included numerous age-group podiums in Sprint, Olympic, and Half-Ironman triathlons as well as age-group podiums in 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons, and completing the Hartford, CT Marathon.

As a coach, Jim is detail oriented and focuses on helping his athletes to master and understand foundational skills that help them to achieve their athletic goals. He has considerable experience in coaching people of all ages in numerous sports, ranging from coaching youth in soccer, basketball, and triathlon to coaching adults in running and triathlon. Jim also understands the importance of finding ways to fit triathlon training and racing into a life filled with family and work commitments in a sustainable way; his previous career had long, odd hours and he has a wife who works full-time and two young children. Coach Jim knows what it takes to be a successful triathlete in a time-crunched life and he works diligently to help his clients maintain a healthy work, family, and athletic balance.


  • Playtri Coaching Certification

  • UESCA Triathlon Coaching Certification